Short-term Disability

Short-term Disability Insurance – Rapid Pay Income Replacement℠

When you are unable to work due to an injury or illness, you shouldn’t have to add financial stress to the situation.

With Rapid Pay Income Replacement (Short-term Disability Insurance) through EPIC Specialty Benefits, benefit payments are triggered by input from the employee and employer. You no longer have to wait weeks for the physician to submit their information.

You receive a decision on your claim in as little as 2 days! Payments are sent to you while the claim is being processed. It’s that fast!

What is Short-term Disability Insurance?

Everyday injuries and illnesses can interfere with your ability to work and impact your paycheck. Short-term Disability Insurance covers a portion of your income while you are disabled for a specified period of time.

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Additional benefits include:

Maternity – Maternity leave is a covered disability.

Total disability income benefit – If an injury prevents you from performing the duties of your regular job, we will pay you a monthly benefit once the elimination period has been met.

Survivor benefit – If you pass away while you are disabled, we will pay your beneficiaries a lump-sum amount equal to three times the total disability weekly benefit, payable at the time of your passing.

Affinity Vision Discount Program – A complimentary program that provides savings on professional vision care services and eyewear. Not an insurance plan, this program offers discounts through the Davis vision network of over 35,000 in-network providers. Learn more about this vision coverage.

Waiver of Premium – Premium is waived for the coverage and optional riders after you have satisfied your waiting period and as long as meet the definition of disabled.

Pre-Ex Waived – No health questions are asked and the pre-existing condition clause is waived for Short-Term Disability Insurance when the employer pays at least 50% of the premium.

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