Long-term Disability

A serious illness or injury can impact more than your health – it may take you away from work, resulting in lost income. While Social Security provides long-term disability benefits, it replaces only a limited portion of your salary and not all individuals will quality for benefits.

No one plans on becoming disabled, but unfortunately, disability strikes more often than you think.

What is Long-term Disability Insurance?

Long-term Disability Insurance (LTD) covers a portion of your income while you are disabled for an extended period of time. This coverage can help you avoid the financial interruption that a covered injury or illness may have on your life.

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Additional benefits include:

Total disability income benefit – If an injury prevents you from performing the duties of your regular job, we will pay you a monthly benefit once the elimination period has been met.

Waiver of premium – Premium is waived for the coverage and optional riders after you have satisfied your waiting period and as long as meet the definition of disabled.

Return to work incentive – Benefits may still be payable when you return to work part-time.

Workplace modification – To assist you with necessary work-place modifications to accommodate your return to work, benefits are available that reimburse your employer for reasonable expenses related to the modifications.

Family care credit – If, while disabled, you incur family care expenses in order to participate in an approved rehabilitation program, we will reduce the earnings used to determine benefits.

Survivor benefit – If you have been disabled and received benefits under the policy, for at least 180 consecutive days, in the event of your death during that period of disability, your spouse or dependent children will receive a lump sum benefit equal to three times the last monthly LTD benefit paid for your disability.

Employee Assistance Program – To cope with life’s challenges, you and your family may choose to receive behavioral health, financial, and legal consultation from qualified professionals. This program is confidential and provides personalized guidance on issues that affect one’s emotions, health, job, and life.

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Personalized guidance services

  • Unlimited 24-hour, toll-free telephone access to a behavioral health clinician
  • Five telephone or face-to-face consultation sessions per year with a behavioral health clinician, financial planner, and/or legal advisor
  • Referrals to local community and government resources
  • Unlimited interactive Web services
  • LTD claimants receive five additional sessions with a behavioral health clinician

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