Why You Should Consider Traveling on The Holiday

Why You Should Consider Traveling on The Holiday
  • The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means everyone is planning to either visit their friends and family or their dream destination. This means that there will not only be higher airline prices, but also millions of people traveling!

    If the travel season is stressing you out, Assist America, our emergency travel assistance partner, suggests traveling on the actual holiday. You will save money, avoid the holiday season rush, and enjoy some surprising benefits.

    Before You Leave:
    Cost-Efficient Travel Options

    Many travelers leave days before the actual holiday and that raises the price of travel during the holiday season. However, if you were to leave during the day of the holiday, when there are the least number of travelers, you would be able to save time and money. Prices on the day of the holiday are less expensive than during the days leading up to the holiday.

    Cheerful Mood

    The holiday season can mean that many people just want to reach their destination and enjoy their time spent with family and friends. This may make many travelers short-tempered and feel rushed to reach their destination. However, during the actual day of the holiday, flight attendants, airport staff, and fellow passengers are in a nicer and friendlier mood. According to Marcus from Condé Nast Traveler*, “the solidarity of knowing we’re not with our families and that work schedules aren’t the easiest thing to negotiate usually results in kinder, friendlier crew and passengers alike.”

    Less Traffic

    During the actual day of the holiday, it is much easier to travel, take a shared ride, or even go on a road trip as many people celebrate the holiday indoors. While the roads and airports remain packed during the holiday season, CityLab* has reported that congestion was the lowest on Christmas Day itself as opposed to the days before and after the holiday.

    During Your Trip:
    Less Crowded & Shorter Lines

    During the day of the holiday, many people enjoy their time indoors and that means fewer people are outdoors and even fewer are traveling. According to Glusac from Insider*, people dislike flying on or close to the holidays which means there are fewer people waiting on the line at check-in and security.

    Holiday Meal

    Some airlines underst and that traveling during the holidays and being away from loved ones can be difficult for passengers. To make passengers feel at home during the holiday season, some airlines provide holiday-themed meals, movies, and entertainment.


    Many travelers prefer to travel a few days before and after the actual holiday and that means many travel accommodations will remain vacant. On Thanksgiving and Christmas day, you may be able to get upgraded, whether it’s scoring a first-class seat or moving to a better hotel suite. The key is to ask politely and if there is some availability, staff members in the holiday spirit will be happy to help.

    These are just a few of the reasons that traveling during the winter holidays can be rewarding and relaxing. You’ll go through the airport in minimal time, allowing you to enjoy your Thanksgiving break and swiftly reach your destination. Enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend with your loved ones and we wish you safe travels wherever this holiday season may take you!


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