What Funeral Pre-Planning Means for Families & How You Can Get Started

What Funeral Pre-Planning Means for Families & How You Can Get Started

Article Written by Camille Johnson

Most of us spend a good bit of our lives making plans. You plan for the little things like where you’ll go out for dinner on a date night and for bigger things like buying a home. With all of the time we spend making plans, end-of-life planning is one thing we should all do but that many people avoid. This is entirely understandable, but the truth is that pre-planning your funeral is an invaluable gift to your loved ones.

Why Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

Even though it may feel uncomfortable to think about death, pre-planning your funeral accomplishes two important goals: It ensures your wishes are carried out, and it helps relieve the burden your family members face when you pass. Whatever the circumstances are, grief is hard on families, and having to plan a funeral while grieving can add to your loved one’s stress. Besides relieving that burden, pre-planning can also make your funeral more personal if you choose elements that are close to your own heart.

Along with these highly personal reasons for pre-planning, there is also a major practical reason: to take care of the financial cost of arrangements. One important thing to be aware of is that there’s a difference between pre-planning and pre-paying. Some people choose a funeral home that offers plans for pre-payment. However, doing this can be risky because a disreputable company could misuse the funds, go out of business, or overcharge you.

An alternative solution is to buy burial insurance to cover funeral costs. Some burial insurance policies even cover any debts you leave behind, which makes it an ideal way to protect your loved ones from facing that financial burden. For seniors who are thinking about end-of-life planning, burial insurance may cost anywhere from around $18 to $286 for monthly premiums. This cost is determined by the amount of coverage you choose, combined with your age, sex, and health at the time when you purchase a plan.

Another way that some people pay for funeral costs is through term life insurance policies. It’s always smart to have term life insurance if anyone depends on you financially. If you’re in the market for such a policy, contact EPIC Life Insurance to view their flexible options.

What Does Pre-Planning Involve?

Choose a Funeral Home: This step comes first because the funeral home you choose will impact just about every other decision, including what you can expect to spend and the way arrangements are handled. Because funerals can be so costly, U.S. News recommends shopping around and asking any funeral home you contact to give you detailed expenses in writing.

Set a Budget: It’s easier to set your budget after comparison shopping because you will have a general idea of what the costs will be. If you have burial insurance, this is the time to make sure the arrangements you choose are in line with what your budget allows.

Choose Details: The primary decisions to make are how to handle arrangements (burial or cremation) and the type of service you want. This is your opportunity to let family members know what your preferences are, especially if you want to do anything unique, such as an eco-friendly burial.

Put It In Writing: Last but not least, none of this planning helps if you’re the only one who knows about it! In addition to communicating with family, this is also a good time to review legal documents like your will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare.

All of these things can be hard to think about, but avoiding the topic doesn’t make it go away. The truth is that funeral pre-planning is a gift. It’s a gift to those you care about, and it’s also a gift to yourself because it gives you the confidence that you aren’t leaving this burden to loved ones.

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