The War on Beds

The War on Beds

Your bed could very well be the most important piece of furniture in your home. To function at peak physical and mental well-being you need quality sleep. However, choosing the right bed is an arduous exercise because there are so many different choices available. No single brand of mattress is the universal best. Everyone has their own individual preferences. This article will help you identify what is important for your body and which popular mattresses to consider based on preference.


Carefully examine what level of support the bed will offer your joints. This is especially important for you if you have back, shoulder or neck problems. A foam mattress softens when you lie on it and molds into your body. It may require some effort to change position, but it springs back to its original shape once you get up. Versus a spring mattress which can be less giving and more firm. Spring mattresses can be softened with pillow tops, even foam pillow tops, and sometimes this hybrid approach is the best selection if you do not have joint problems.

Heating and Cooling

Are you particularly hot and sweaty at night, or do you tend to have poor circulation? If you do get hot quickly, a mattress with an ultra-cooling system is an important feature to have. A mattress with a layer of gel-infused foam provides cooler sleep. The gel provides a cooling effect and is mostly infused in innerspring mattresses. Many mattresses have an option for a heating add-on that can be purchased separately if you have poor circulation and find yourself wearing extra layers to bed.

Sleeping Partner?

If you sleep with someone, is that person a nighttime mover? If so, avoid an innerspring bed as the movement can be felt throughout the bed and by the other person. A motion isolation bed that manages movement would be ideal for you. Additionally, your firmness preference could be soft, contouring, or firm. An adjustable air bed could be inflated to the desired firmness using an electric pump. You can inflate individual halves to different firmness to suit each partner.


Loom & Leaf by Saatva and Nectar are some of the best memory foam mattresses available. Loom & Leaf has great motion isolation and lasts for about 7 years. Though some owners have reported bad odors, the odor tends to dissipate after one or two days. It conforms well to the sleeper’s body and has excellent noise retention. Nectar has great durability lasting for 7 years, great motion isolation, and excellent noise-retention. It has an odor but offers better breathability due to its lyocell cover gel foam.

Casper features a triple-layer memory foam and polyfoam comfort system, along with a high-density foam support core. Casper offers two other models: the Casper Essential is a memory foam mattress; and the Casper Wave is a mixed memory foam/latex mattress. Casper mattresses are great for side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers in most weight groups, as well as people who experience frequent neck, shoulder, or back pain. Because of the memory foam, this is also a great selection for couples who awaken easily due to movement. A king size bed costs around $1,200 making it more affordable than many other options.

Dreamcloud and Helix are among the best hybrid bed manufacturers. Dreamcloud is fairly lightweight and comes with a lifetime warranty. However, it has limited size availability and weak edge support. Helix has multiple firmness options, strong edge support, and great temperature neutrality. However, its models are heavy to move, and sleep trials require 30-night break-in periods.

Original Purple is constructed with a comfort layer of buckling-column gel dispersed throughout an elastic polymer grid. The support core is made of high-density polyfoam. Purple also offers the New Purple, a hybrid mattress constructed with a buckling-column gel and elastic polymer comfort layer, as well as a pocketed coil support core. Purple mattresses are great for side and back sleepers who weigh 130 pounds or more as well as hot sleepers, particularly those who find all-foam beds too warm. Because of the high-density foam, this is a great selection for those who prefer firmer sleep surfaces. Purple is another affordable choice with a king size costing around $1,200.

Sleep Number has seven different mattresses to choose from that all provide very different levels of support for different types of sleepers. All Sleep Number mattresses are technically air chambers that range from 8” to 13” in thickness. These mattresses can inflate or deflate air via a remote or app to change the level of firmness inside the bed. For most Sleep Number models, a Double-sized bed and up means your bed will utilize DualAir technology so each side of the bed can be individually adjusted — a feature most couples seem to like. While seven inches of foam might sound like you’re going to simply sink into your mattress, a lot of people said the foam on top is just the right amount of sink in softness and still offered a solid combination of support from the air bladder and cozy “floof” from the padding.” As far as edge support goes, these mattresses had mixed reviews.

Saatva and Winkbeds have some of the best innerspring beds available. Saatva has multiple firmness and design options is eco-friendly, strong edge support and responsiveness. However, it has a shorter lifespan than its counterparts and is heavier than most. Winkbeds also have multiple firmness options, even for heavy individuals. It has strong edge support, motion isolation, and conformity.

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