The Importance of the Annual Life Insurance Checkup

The Importance of the Annual Life Insurance Checkup

While many of us would not dream of skipping our annual physical exam, many more are not so diligent when it comes to their financial well-being. While nothing is more important than our physical health, it is vital to keep tabs on our fiscal health as well. It is just as important to schedule an annual financial checkup as it is to have that yearly once-over with the physician.

As we grow older and our lives change, our financial needs also change. Different stages of life and different family situations require different approaches to everything from investment strategy to insurance needs.

One of the most important parts of any financial checkup is assessing life insurance needs and making any necessary changes. Life insurance needs can change drastically throughout a person’s lifetime, and it is important for every policyholder to assess his or her level of coverage and to make sure it is still adequate. Being underinsured could leave your family vulnerable should anything happen to you, while over-insuring your life could mean wasting money that could be put to better use elsewhere.

In addition to these routine annual insurance reviews, it is important to review your life insurance coverage needs whenever a major life event takes place. That means that if you are getting married or getting divorced it may be time to sit down with your agent and adjust your coverage levels and your beneficiaries. The birth or adoption of a child should also be an occasion for a review of coverage levels, as is an adult child moving out or completing college.

When these reviews are taking place it is important for the policyholder to have all the needed facts and figures available. Factors such as annual income, invested assets and the like can greatly affect insurance coverage needs, and having all the required figures on hand will make the process much easier. It is important to determine what coverage level is required to give your family the lifestyle they have become accustomed to in the absence of your income, so complete income information will be required in order to arrive at a realistic number.

Make it a priority to conduct an annual financial checkup, including a thorough look at your life insurance needs. Everyone who has a family and an income needs to consider some sort of life insurance coverage, and it is important to adjust that coverage in order to make the most of that protection.

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