Finding a Service-Focused Insurer

Finding a Service-Focused Insurer

Insurance companies vary quite a bit. Each one has been in business for a different amount of time and specializes in different areas of coverage. This gives organizations seeking employee coverage the ability to shop around and find the right fit for their benefits package needs. An organization, business or corporation that’s looking for a coverage provider, will probably want to work with an insurance provider who has helped similar organizations.

Experienced insurers like EPIC will already be familiar with the paperwork that is required, regulations to meet and what time demands an employer faces daily. They will already have a suite of insurance policies for you to choose from based on your company size and you will be able to personalize as needed.

For establishments of any size, finding the right insurance company might seem overwhelming at first. It may become advantageous for these businesses to seek out the more personalized attention offered by a company focused on customer service. These companies take the time to actually look over your insurance account and compare that to the way you do business. Once this has been done, the policy quotes returned to you will address the concerns specifically mentioned.

Also, a service-focused insurer will recognize the various problems typically faced by business owners and human resources managers. This is just another factor to use when comparing insurance companies throughout the region. Not every area has the same concerns or frequent problems.

Of course, don’t feel like you’re limited to only the providers in your backyard. Research nationwide insurance companies on the web – you can get in touch with one of their representatives just as easily as setting up a face-to-face meeting with an insurer in your city. However, take the time to get educated on these providers, especially if they’re unfamiliar.

Personal experience goes a long way toward choosing an insurer. Many people choose insurance companies based on what their trusted friends or family members recommend. For insurance clients who do not have this resource, they must rely on the information they find online, especially in terms of a company’s complaint satisfaction level.

If you see that certain insurance companies don’t really take the complaints of their claims seriously, this could be a cause of concern later on. What is going to happen if you experience a problem with one of these companies and they don’t take care of the issue right away? It creates a potential liability situation to handle and the expectation to pay the premium every month remains the same. Instead, look for an insurance company that places exceptional customer relations at the core of their service offerings.

At EPIC Specialty Benefits, our customers have rated their overall satisfaction with EPIC at 96% or better for six consecutive years. Our team is a group of hard-working Midwesterners with a primary goal of exceptional customer service. Personalized customer care is our number one priority. Small company, big service.

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