Dental and Vision Insurance Can Make Medical Expenses Cheaper

Dental and Vision Insurance Can Make Medical Expenses Cheaper

When we talk about preventive care, exercise, medical checkups, and vision exams are a couple of the easiest preventative measures to take.

These check-ups can uncover the early signs of some of the worst diseases, making it beneficial for the employee and cost effective to the employer to utilize these benefits regularly.

Preventative Services Can Make Insurance Cheaper

According to the CDC, most Americans utilize preventive services at half the recommended rate. The study shows that one out of four American adults fail to visit a dentist or an optometrist even once per year even though most of them have these coverages.

A study also reported by the CDC showed that employers in one category spent 39% more on preventive care than employers in another category, but in the long term, they saved 86% more on dental and vision restorative procedures.

Promote Dental & Vision Exams to Employees

There is a projected increase of 6.8% on healthcare for employers in 2019, meaning employers should be promoting regular dental and vision exams, which help in the early detection of potentially serious medical conditions in the coming year.

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