Back to School Planning

Back to School Planning

Summer is nearing an end and the new school year is starting. Many parents don’t feel fully prepared. All you need is a little planning to get ready for the new year. With these tips you’ll quickly be back on schedule.

Reset Your Sleep Routine

Staying up late and sleeping in was great but to avoid stressful mornings you should head to bed earlier and plan an hour for your children to wake up, get dressed and ready, eat a healthy breakfast, and not feel rushed. Remember, breakfast is the important meal of the day, especially for children. It’s also said that the hours of sleep you get before midnight are more important than the hours after midnight. So turn off the television and get some zzzzzz’s.

Chat about the New Year

Children have excitement as well as hesitation regarding a new school year. Listen to the conversations they have with their friends and see if you can pick out specific topics that they might want some guidance on. Or, simply offer up the topic during dinner or another non-stress time and give your child the floor to say whatever it is they are thinking. Engaging children by letting them know you care about their thoughts and concerns goes a long way in getting them to open up. You should also discuss daily routines such as when and where the school bus arrives, walking to school, and so on.

Connect with other Parents

You probably made a few friends with parents of other kids at school. Now it is a great time to reconnect and discuss preparations for the new year. They may have some insight on the new school year that could benefit you, and vice versa. You can also set up a buddy schedule, so your child doesn’t walk in alone the first few days.

Set up a Homework Station

Children need a quiet place where they can concentrate and do their homework. You should work with them to establish a station where they agree they can focus and work on their homework. Make sure it’s a place where they can easily ask for help without moving around much. Setting a station somewhere in the den or kitchen is always a great move. Don’t forget to also set aside time to help your children with their homework.

Anticipate the Unexpected

Some things like sickness are beyond our control. If you are a working parent, then you probably know it can be a daunting process finding a sitter on short notice. Before school starts make sure you have sitters lined up in case of an emergency.

Hopefully these tips help you prepare for the new school year and reduce the stress.

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