Vision benefits are not just about eyewear, they are about providing a critical component of overall health.

Our preferred provider organization (PPO) plans offer the largest paid-in-full selection of eyewear available! Receive an allowance toward any frame of your choice or select a frame from Davis Vision’s exclusive Collection, featuring more than 200 stylish frames.

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Additional benefits include:

  • Low out-of-pocket costs
  • Multiple levels of coverage, including fully covered exams and eyewear
  • Multi-year rate guarantee
  • Flexibility to choose frequencies, copay and plan coverage levels
  • Laser vision correction benefit and discounts
  • No restrictions on eyewear selection
  • No-cost breakage warranty
  • No-cost replacement contact lens program


Why EPIC Specialty Benefits?

  • Customer service is our number one priority, and it shows! For 6 consecutive years, our customers have rated their overall satisfaction with EPIC at an average of 96% or better.
  • Decisions on short-term disability claims are made within 2 days, not weeks. Payments are sent to you while the claim is being processed.
  • Solid Midwest culture and work ethic for more than 30 years.
  • Aligned with WPS Health Insurance – Providing health insurance coverage for more than 69 years.


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All EPIC Members Benefit from Our Affinity Vision Discount Program

Through the Davis Vision Network, EPIC is able to offer a unique discount program that allows our members to get discounts on professional services and products. This is not an insurance plan, but rather a savings opportunity through the Davis Vision network. To learn more, check out our savings overview.