What is Short-term Disability Insurance?

Everyday injuries and illnesses can interfere with your ability to work and impact your paycheck. Short-term Disability Insurance covers a portion of your income while you are disabled for a specified period of time.

With EPIC’s Rapid Pay Income Replacement (Short-term Disability Insurance), benefit payments are triggered by input from the employee and employer. You no longer have to wait weeks for the physician to submit their information.

You receive a decision on your claim in as little as 2 days! Payments are sent to you while the claim is being processed. It’s that fast!

View our complete Short-term Disability Insurance brochure.

Additional benefits include:

Maternity leave is a covered disability.

Total disability income benefit
If an injury prevents you from performing the duties of your regular job, we will pay you a monthly benefit once the elimination period has been met.

Survivor benefit
If you pass away while you are disabled, we will pay your beneficiaries a lump-sum amount equal to three times the total disability weekly benefit, payable at the time of your passing.

Why EPIC Specialty Benefits?

  • Customer service is our number one priority, and it shows! For 6 consecutive years, our customers have rated their overall satisfaction with EPIC at an average of 96% or better.
  • Decisions on short-term disability claims are made within 2 days, not weeks. Payments are sent to you while the claim is being processed.
  • Solid Midwest culture and work ethic for more than 30 years.
  • Aligned with WPS Health Insurance – Providing health insurance coverage for more than 69 years.